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I know what you’re thinking: Truecaller is just an app I use to block telemarketers and get call notifications, right? Not quite. In fact, Truecaller packs more features than you might have thought possible into its user-friendly interface and colorful designs. If you haven’t checked out Truecaller lately, now’s the time to check out these 8 hidden Truecaller features that you didn’t know existed!

01. Create Reminders

Reminders can be a powerful tool, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. With reminders set for every four hours, Truecaller will keep track of what time it is and give you reminders when you’re close to your calorie intake goal for that day. This way, no matter where you are or what time it is, you’ll know exactly how many calories are left for that day. And hey: even if you don’t use any other feature on our list—at least try out these reminders! You might find them useful after all. Just remember to create them before midnight each night so they go off in time. Otherwise, they won’t work. For more tips about how to get started with Truecaller and begin tracking your progress towards your goals, check out our guide here.

02. Block unknown numbers with just one tap

Truecaller already makes it easy to see who’s calling before you pick up, but with its latest feature, you can now block any number without ever getting a notification or opening an app. All you have to do is tap on a number in your call history and hit Block Caller—the person who just called won’t be able to reach you through that number again. To unblock someone, go into your Call History page and tap on their profile photo, then select Unblock from the menu that appears at the bottom of your screen. From there, all calls from that number will come through as normal. This feature works for both Android and iOS users, so if you haven’t downloaded Truecaller yet, what are you waiting for? (Truecaller is free.)


03. Discover New People Nearby

Local search is one of my favorite features on Truecaller. Have you ever wanted to set up a meeting with someone based on shared interests, but you weren’t sure how to find their contact information? Or maybe you were trying to meet new people in your city and didn’t know where to start. Enter Local Search. If you’re using it for networking, make sure to link your LinkedIn profile so your name will be associated with your professional account when people search for you. For example, if I was looking for an event planner in Stockholm and searched event planner I would get a list of local event planners that I could then tap to connect with via LinkedIn or call directly. This makes connecting easier than ever before!

04. Screen Out Unknown Callers

Okay, so you can block and report spammy callers. But what about those pesky unknown numbers? There’s a setting in Truecaller that allows you to put these calls into a detecting state. When an unknown number is detected, it’ll show up as a ? instead of their name or number. Pretty sweet way to avoid sketchy callers and stay on top of telemarketers! To enable Unknown Caller Detection, go to Settings > Privacy > Unknown Numbers. Toggle on Enable and select how many times they need to call before you see them as. (I recommend 5). The feature will then begin blocking all incoming calls from people who are not in your contacts list.



05. Adjust notifications based on individual preferences

Even with spam filters, you can still get bombarded with spam calls and messages. Luckily, you can filter who sends you what kind of messages. Just head to your Call settings menu, then scroll down to Caller ID. Under general settings, you’ll see a list of options including identifying numbers not in my contacts and Allowing unknown numbers to send me messages (you can toggle these on or off). This is incredibly helpful if a friend is passing along a message from someone in your address book or if an important colleague wants to reach out for whatever reason. This way, important people don’t have to do so through chat or text when they could just pick up the phone.

06. Customize caller ID by adding notes to your contacts

Did you know that you can add custom text notes to individual contacts in your phone’s native contact list? This trick can come in handy if a contact has multiple numbers and you want to keep all of them straight. To edit a contact, select it within your phone’s address book. Then, scroll down to Add a label and type what you need. Once labeled, you can sort contacts by the label in Truecaller if it’s set as your default dialer. With Truecaller installed on your smartphone, an incoming call from a number not in your address book will result in a full-screen caller ID screen with details about that person. If they’re not in your address book, you’ll be able to see their name, photo (if available), social media profiles (if connected), estimated location (based on cell tower triangulation) and more. In addition to identifying who is calling you, Truecaller also shows whether or not they’ve made previous calls or sent messages to your phone number. If there is no information available for a specific contact, that fact will be displayed next to their name instead of showing up blank as many other apps do.



07. Track Phone Numbers and Find Past Contacts

While Truecaller is mostly used to block unwanted callers and keep you safe from telemarketers, it also serves as a handy little phonebook. The app includes an in-depth search tool that helps you look up contacts based on name, number, or business. Perhaps most useful, it lets you track a given number over time so that if someone suddenly starts getting called from an unknown number (and you haven’t added them yet), you’ll be able to see when and where they first got that call. While there are similar apps for Android users (such as my personal favorite, SnoopSnitch), I find that it’s usually worth sticking with what works best for your primary device.

08. Use the Truecaller browser app to view unknown numbers on your desktop

Truecaller is a popular caller ID app available for most devices. It’s especially useful on your phone where you can block telemarketers and spammers, but did you know that it also has a built-in browser extension? With it, you can view unknown numbers on your desktop whenever they call your phone—this includes calls from businesses, too. And if you answer those calls via an actual device (and not just via computer) then it will notify other apps of who’s calling and even automatically open their website in your default browser. These are pretty great features to have at your disposal, so definitely check out how to enable them here.

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